“After-school care is a golden period and opportunity for us to enhance and enrich our students’ character, their growth and their values. It will lay the foundation for a very critical period of our primary school children’s formative and also learning years.”

Ms Low Yen Ling
Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Trade and Industry
Chairperson of Mayors’ Committee & Mayor, South West District
Chairperson of Self Help Groups Student Care Limited


“We really appreciate everything that Big Heart Student Care has done for our son. Ever since he started attending the centre’s programmes we’ve noticed a marked change in his behaviour for the better. He’s simply more positive and his grades are improving, even if just slightly.”

Parents of Student Fong Pong Kee, Big Heart SCC@Xingnan


” Big Heart Student Care provides a much needed service to the community and takes students in regardless of their financial or ethnic background. It is an honour to be working with them”

Our Partner


“Being working parents, we feel at ease at work knowing that our son is in good hands. The teachers [Social Care Officers] have done a remarkable job, not only in caring for the children’s academic achievement but also teaching them good conduct and character like respect, responsibility, fairness and compassion.

The teachers are very caring, helpful and wonderful caregivers and they would supervise Eldric’s homework, prepare him for spelling games and generally give him a safe and friendly environment where he can develop as a person.”

Parents of Student Eldric Koh, Big Heart SCC@Xingnan